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AUG 2018

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State the Solution Probios Dental Sticks are a delicious, multi-functional treat for dogs which support healthy teeth and gums while also freshening breath and aiding proper digestion. Make Your Recommendation Ms. Jones, I believe Probios Dental Sticks will provide an important tool for managing bad breath and proper digestion for Spot. This unique multi-functional dental stick supports healthy teeth and gums in dogs while also aiding proper digestion. Do you have any questions? If engaging in an initial diagnosis, start with: "Ms. Jones, my exam revealed that Spot has bad breath due to plaque and tartar build-up on his teeth." Or, for a follow up visit, "Ms. Jones, my exam revealed a need to modify Spot's treatment plan for unhealthy gums." Start an Effective Vet-to-Pet Owner Conversation Probios Dental Sticks are made with real yogurt and contain a unique formulation of prebiotics and probiotics to help support proper digestion, while abrasive action helps reduce plaque and tartar.

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