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AUG 2018

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State the Solution Meloxidyl ® (meloxicam) helps control OA pain and inflammation in dogs. Make Your Recommendation Ms. Jones, I believe Meloxidyl ® (meloxicam) will provide an important tool for managing osteoarthritis pain for Spot. Meloxidyl ® is easy to dose, cost effective and can help improve his mobility and quality of life. Do you have any questions? If engaging in an initial diagnosis, start with: "Ms. Jones, my exam revealed that Spot is showing signs of pain and inflammation, which can be associated with osteoarthritis." Or, if follow up visit: "Ms. Jones, my exam revealed a need to modify Spot's treatment plan for osteoarthritis pain relief." Start an Effective Vet-to-Pet Owner Conversation More Benefits of Meloxidyl ® (meloxicam): Contains the same active ingredient as Metacam ® (meloxicam) FDA-approved NSAID Sweetened suspension readily accepted by dogs In a laboratory study where Meloxidyl ® (meloxicam) was placed on the food, 100% of dogs ate the food Safe to use Six weeks and six months studies, at up to 5 times the dose of meloxicam, revealed no significant clinical adverse reactions Available in 10mL, 32mL, 100mL and 200mL size bottles

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