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OCT 2018

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Ed Branam Protect & Defend Page 22 18 columns inside Lisa M. Greenhill Diversity Toolbox Page 42 Amanda L. Donnelly Talk the Talk Page 36 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2018 A N O F F I C I A L J O U R N A L O F T H E N A V C Choose optimism The veterinary profession is awash in change and opportunity. You should be excited to be part of this era. Page 41 Keep some skin in the game Your dermatologic recommendations and products might be only scratching the surface. Client education, stocking the right items and other approaches can make a big difference. Page 58 EQUIPMENT GUIDE PAGE 28 Continued on Page 48 It's time to do away with production- based pay and all its ills. The alternative: profit sharing and a formula for robust professional growth. By Wendy Hauser, DVM, and Joy Fuhrman, DVM, MBA, CPA In years gone by, veterinarians consistently were ranked among the top most-trusted pro- fessionals. But public opinion is changing. Today, many consumers think veterinarians are "selling" more services to grow corporate bottom lines. As one client put it, "I felt like I was taken advantage of when I found out after the fact that my vet- erinarian was recommending costly treatments that would put more money in her pocket." Another concern is the impact that production-based compensation has on associate veterinarians and veterinary teams. Associate vet- erinarians nationwide are voicing concerns about these pay structures. Many believe they had no other option when accepting a production-based compensation package and that all veterinary practices paid associates in this manner. Still others express that before signing their contract, they did not fully comprehend the impact that taking time off would have on their paycheck or the impact of factors beyond their control, such as hospital staffing and greater competition. Production-based pay is hurting hospital cultures. Competition between associates, favoritism and an "every man for himself" mindset are becoming pervasive. MEDIA CDS/Today's Veterinary Business 440 Quadrangle Dr, Ste E, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 ELECTRONIC SERVICE REQUESTED

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