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OCT 2018

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63 October/November 2018 • TODAYSVETERINARYBUSINESS.COM can never achieve a profit margin of 20 percent or a COGS of 21 per- cent. They'll blame their numbers on their rural location, practice size or client demographics. While I recognize that different hospital models will have different KPIs, I challenge us to look at KPIs for our model and, if we're not measuring up, to look for ways to improve. Maybe a 10 percent profit margin will never become 20 per- cent, but a move to 15 percent will mean big things for the hospital, staff and owner. P&L KPIs are a product of other benchmarks we can use. Again, recognize that practice models and business philosophies are different. For example, a high-volume practice might have a much lower ADT (average doctor transaction) than a low-volume, "high-touch" hospital, but the practice could have a similar profit margin as long as the patient volume makes up for the lower transactions. Similarly, even though the average practice brings in 24 new clients a month per FTE, a practice with high client turnover or a low bonding rate might need many more. For an average small animal gen- eral practice focusing on "quality medicine," I typically reference data from the American Animal Hospital Association's Financial and Produc- tivity Pulsepoints: • Annual revenue per full-time equivalent DVM: $530,805 to $574,639. • Average doctor transaction (ADT): $154 • Average client transaction (ACT): $134 • Active clients per year per FTE DVM: 1,837 Benchmarks give us something to compare to and maybe strive for, but not every hospital will have the same numbers given their specific model and location. I've yet to see a practice that didn't improve its KPIs when the decision was made to practice thorough medicine, lever- age the team and consciously man- age expenses. Instead of looking at benchmarks as a competition or ignoring them because "we can't do that here," embrace them as an in- vitation to identify how to improve patient care, the client experience, the team leverage and manage- ment's overall effectiveness. Practice Information Management Software My consulting team uses PIMS to review metrics like active clients, client retention and medical ratios. I noticed a decline in new client numbers at one hospital, and my team reported a similar trend at many of our client hospitals. This led us to leverage a client-reten- tion report comparing the number of active clients, the number of new clients, and the percentages of clients lost and retained for different periods. In our case, we shoot for a tenure of at least 6.3 years based on the formula "current year active client number minus current year new client number divided by previous year active client number equals client retention rate." Featured VetPartners Members The VetPartners mission is to provide a community of networking, collaboration and integrity to serve our members, for the good of the veterinary profession. Allyson Archambault, Senior Account Executive 407-748-9810 To learn about advertising opportunities, contact: Relationships Matter A new approach in web design and marketing that is changing everything. (858) 405-4916 Educate, Communicate, and Optimize with LifeLearn. Explore our ECOsystem, which includes the WebDVM website platform and ClientEd library, our veterinary decision support VQQNŤ5QƒGCPF#..;&8/ŨU communications, retention, and reminder system. 1-800-375-7994 Want a successful website? Cheshire specializes in successful veterinary websites, marketing campaigns, social media, multimedia, logo design/ branding and community marketing. Call us for a free analysis. Free shipping with all websites. (Got your attention!) 773-478-0631 Cheshire Partners Digital Marketing & Website Design The Animal Health and Veterinary Search and Recruitment Firm The VET Recruiter ® is an executive search and recruitment firm specializing in recruiting in the Animal Health, Animal Science and Veterinary Industries. Our mission is to help Animal Health companies and Veterinary businesses hire top talent to help their business growth and become more profitable, while also helping Animal Health and Veterinary professionals attain career-enhancing opportunities that allow them to achieve the quality of life they seek. Whether you need to hire one person or a team of people, or you're looking to make your next career move, no one can help you achieve your goals more quickly than The VET Recruiter ® . (918) 298-7025 We understand your focus is on keeping pets healthy! That's why we request medical records in less than 10% of claims and require no veterinary involvement in claims submission. Visit our Vet pages for more info. Get results. Tails through the door for over 20 years. Find out how you can increase your bottom line. 4LSPZZH5L4HYRL[PUNHUK:HSLZ4HUHNLY (877) 326-3236

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