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DEC 2018

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18 Today's Veterinary Business Business Business CAREERS Late 2004 found us relocating to northern Illinois as I started my industry career with Scil Animal Care Co. Over the next two years I had the opportunity to not only handle the technical aspects of laboratory diagnostic equipment but also build and manage a nationwide sales team. Southern Migration Those of you raised in a northern climate tend to embrace winter with a love of activities like hockey and ice fishing and an almost gallows sense of humor. For those of us raised in the South, anything more than a dusting of snow means all commerce should cease, and we cer- tainly know better than to venture onto a frozen pond. With two children under age 3, the nearest family 500 miles away and a lingering reluctance to go outside from November until April, Terri and I decided that a move back south would be best. Still in Illinois, I joined Novartis Animal Health in fall 2006 as a pro- fessional services veterinarian supporting the Chicago sales district. I ac- cepted the role knowing that a company of Novartis' size would provide other opportunities across the United States. My journey to practice ownership What I learned about running a veterinary hospital and what my former colleagues in industry should consider. Drs. Terri and Whit Cothern and a third veterinarian are partners in a Tennessee veterinary hospital. And then it happened. Barely a year later, a position became available. In April 2008 we relocated to northern Georgia, where I became district sales manager for the Atlanta district. I worked with 10 sales reps across four states and was able to visit some of the best veterinary practices in the nation and learn from them. I was approached in early 2012 about my interest in a marketing position and my willingness to relocate to the Novartis home office in Greensboro, North Carolina. Admittedly, the thought of moving my family again wasn't thrilling, but we heard that relocating to the home office typ- ically ended up being the last stop needed for career purposes. So, in July 2012 we made our fourth move and I entered the world of marketing as the Ethicon Sutures brand manager. Another Job Change Less than two years after what we had hoped would be our last reloca- tion, we learned that Novartis Animal Health was being sold. I was faced with a decision: Wait around to see if the buyer, Elanco Animal Health, would hire me (and eventually require relocation to its Indiana of- fices), or look for other options. Terri and I elect- ed to take control of the situation, so I accepted a role with Merial Ltd. as a field services veterinarian back in Tennessee. Continued from cover

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