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DEC 2018

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21 December 2018/January 2019 • TODAYSVETERINARYBUSINESS.COM Dr. Whit Cothern is co-owner of Orchard Park Animal Hospital in White House, Tennessee. © 2018 Midmark Corporation, Miamisburg Ohio USA We make high-quality equipment that's easy to use, designed to fit your practice, and helps create better care experiences for everyone—from staff to patients to clients. Midmark meets the needs and opportunities of today's veterinarians through a combination of fully-integrated product lines, superior quality, online and in-clinic training, technical support and client educational tools. • Anesthesia • Boarding and Containment • Cabinetry • Dental Delivery and X-ray • Exam, Treatment and Surgery Tables • Instrument Processing • Lighting and Scales • Monitoring • Scrub Sinks and Grooming Tubs • Seating To learn more, call 1-800-MIDMARK or visit Designing better care. Midmark transforms care environments for the benefit of all. initially, including one for which I eventually worked. It shouldn't be so hard for good candidates to make the leap from practice. The Tiniest Grain of Sand Can Create the Largest Ripples I know change is hard, but I had to reset my expectations. What I thought was minor was in fact ground-shaking. Hell hath no fury like choosing the wrong scrubs for your clinic staff. If you change protocols or products, then take the time to thoroughly explain why the change is important and how it benefits pets and the practice. Why Is This Taking So Long? Be prepared for everything you're planning — from the practice purchase to ordering pens — to take longer than you anticipated. Getting what you need shouldn't take so many emails, phone calls, times on hold and voice mails, but it does. Excellent customer service has become the exception and not the rule. That's why I tell my team that only a little more effort is needed to provide an uncommon performance for our clients. Focus on the Move Out, Not the Move In Of course, your sales reps would love to load your shelves with their goods. It's called shelving pressure, and it does just that: It creates pres- sure on you, the buyer, because so much product sits on the shelf. Work with companies and reps that can assist in moving product out of your clinic. The great deal that moves product in is less important. Work With Sales Reps That Work With You Not every sales rep will be a rock star, but most are career profes- sionals who know that the key to their success is making sure their customers are successful. I give all sales reps, at the very least, an initial opportunity to meet and discuss their wares. The good ones respect your time because they, too, are on a tight schedule. Don't be shy to tell them what you think and what you need. They'd rather you say "no" once than "maybe" at every visit. Most have a Teflon coating, so you won't break them by saying no. Final Thoughts My story of achieving practice ownership is a long and winding tale. It started with an option to buy into my first place of employment almost 20 years ago, but ownership didn't come to fruition until recently. My path is filled with twists and turns that went through several states, companies and job titles. It resulted in five relocations, plus untold sacrifice and support from my family. I wish I could acknowledge all the bosses, managers, colleagues, neighbors and friends who contributed to my journey, but there's not enough space here to list everyone. Here's to all of them and to the next chapter of my story. 6 8 7 9

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