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DEC 2018

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Business PROTECT & DEFEND By Ed Branam, DVM, CIC Companion animals play an ever-increasing role in society. They have migrated from the barn and backyard to become members of the household, spending their days lounging on our couches and beds. Therefore, it is not surprising that when a pet dies or experiences an adverse event during the delivery of veterinary care, the owner frequently demands financial and emotional restitution. It's personal Make sure you are adequately covered against medical missteps and that your insurance provider will fight for you during a state license challenge. Probios® Intelliflora® for Dogs and Cats Monetary recovery arising from a veterinarian's error or omission is limited in most U.S. jurisdictions to the animal's fair market replacement value. In a society where millions of un- wanted pets are abandoned and euthanized each year, one can argue that the true market value of the vast majority of companion animals is, at most, a few hundred dollars. Obviously, this approach does not take into consideration the emotional role an animal plays in a client's life.

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