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DEC-JAN 2017

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12 Today's Veterinary Business Business Can a data breach like this happen at your hospital? After all, the examples above involved large organizations that held the personal information of millions of individuals. The answer is, unfortunately, yes. According to a 2011 Verizon report, 57 percent of all data breaches occurred at companies of 11 to 100 employees. Further- more, an Experian survey found that 60 percent of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within six months, and the National Small Business Association reported that 44 percent of small businesses have suffered at least one data breach. Recovering from electronic disasters or privacy breaches has cost many companies, both large and small, millions of dol- lars. Some never recover from the damage to their bottom line or reputation. The rise in cybercrime and ever-increasing public awareness of and sensitivity toward the privacy and security of personal informa- tion have forced companies to be more proactive about protecting data and responding to breaches. Companies in traditional business segments, including veterinary and animal services, have significant exposures if the sensitive data with which they are entrusted is exposed inadvertently or inappropriately. Why Now More Than Ever? The wheels of commerce turn al- most entirely on the instantaneous availability, integrity and confiden- tiality of information assets. New technologies make safeguarding these assets more difficult. Vol- umes of information can be stored on media the size of a thumb. While such tiny devices allow for the easy storage and transport of sensitive information, they also are easy to steal or lose. Gone in an instant could be electronic medical records, credit card numbers and employee information. Business PROTECT & DEFEND You don't need to look far to find a story about yet another data breach. Here are recent headlines: Are you prepared for a data breach? The theft of sensitive client information can do irreparable harm to a small business, so take preventive steps now. By Ed Branam, DVM • Health care data of 1 million N.J. patients compromised since 2009 • Hacker attacks on health care providers jump 600% • Hacker publishes 5 million Gmail addresses, passwords • Breach at Goodwill vendor lasted 18 months • Home Depot data breach may hit 60 million customers • Data breach at Bartell Hotels exposes credit, debit card numbers • Target puts data breach cost at $148 million

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