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DEC-JAN 2017

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24 Today's Veterinary Business Communication Become the Go-To Choice Mobile apps, in my opinion, are no longer merely an option for veter- inary practices. They are now a re- quirement. Through a multitude of case studies across multiple demo- graphics, mobile apps have proven themselves the most effective way of creating meaningful engagement with pet owners in between their routinely scheduled visits. A great mobile app allows you to centralize the services and offer- ings of your veterinary practice into a single location. This means that with a single download to their mo- bile device, clients can request an appointment or prescription refill, check up on services due, submit a question or simply look up pet care advice from a trusted source. These choices aren't just convenient, they're becoming prerequisites for clients deeply dedicated to the overall health of their pet. In fact, a 2016 survey conduct- ed by Colorado State University in partnership with app builder Vet2Pet found that 86 percent of pet owners would like instant ac- cess to their pet's medical records through a mobile app. This isn't a simple majority, it's an overwhelming one. As peo- ple of all ages and backgrounds become more dependent on their smartphones, they look for busi- nesses they trust to provide solu- tions that fit their lifestyles. While you might think that yet "another" app will get lost in the mix, statis- tics show us otherwise. We all know that technology is accelerating, but do we also know how to take advantage of these breakneck speeds? While veterinary practices may have learned to leverage the digital sphere by creating a stunning website load- ed with compelling veterinary information, alongside a Facebook page offering great client engagement, the next frontier of technology has arrived. Actually, it's been here a long time. Communication SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE By Eric D. Garcia Get with the program The most important mobile app — you must have one — is the one with your veterinary clinic's name on it. Own Your Space The fact that the app is tied into vitally important information about an individual's pet dramatically in- creases the chances that clients will begin to integrate it into their daily routine. While many mobile appli- cations provide only temporary usefulness, a good veterinary app is rich with information that connects to pet owners and their pets and provides personal benefit. Bill Schroeder, senior vice president of InTouch Practice Communications, explains it this way: "I look at the app game much like real estate. Consider the space on a pet owner's device as being one that you would like to claim for your practice's brand. It's there, it's

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