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DEC-JAN 2017

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attached to it and always recogniz- ing that change is inevitable. The typical day in the life of anyone in a veterinary practice is certainly waveform in action, full of unpredicted events and inevitable change. Despite all the order we might want to try to create, there is simply no knowing what is going to come through the door, who is going to call, what employee issue might arise. And that's before we get to hurricanes, floods, wildfires and the like. So, is there more to do than just "Zen out" here? Margaret Wheatley suggests that there is, although it will take us into some unfamiliar territory where we intentionally embrace a state of insecurity as a first step. In "T he Place Beyond Fear and Hope," her March 2009 article in Shambhala Sun, Wheatley provides beneficial insights on how we might navigate away from the roller coast- er ride of ups and downs to a health- ier, more centered way of being. Here are a few of her observa- tions from that article: The Value of Groundlessness "I've noted that those who endure, who have stamina for the long haul and become wiser in their actions over time, are those who are not attached to outcomes. They don't seek security in plans or accomplish- ments. They exchange certainty for curiosity, fear for generosity. They plunge into the problem, treat their attempts as experiments and learn as they go. This kind of insecurity is energizing; people become en- gaged in figuring out what works instead of needing to be right or worrying about how to avoid failure. "A willingness to feel insecure, then, is the first step. It leads to the far more challenging state: ground- lessness. This means knowing that nothing ever remains the same, learning to live with the unrelenting constant of change, realizing that even the good things won't last forever, accepting that change is just the way it is. "We would feel stronger if we stopped searching for ground, if we sought only to locate ourselves in the present and do our work from here. All fear (and hope) arises from looking backward or forward. Only in the present moment, free from hope and fear, do we receive the gifts of clarity and resolve. Freed also from anger, aggression and urgency, we are able to see the situation clearly, take it all in and dis- cover what to do. This clarity reveals "right action" — those actions that feel genuinely appropriate in this moment without any concern about whether they will succeed or not. "Consider the visionary leader- ship of Moses and Abraham. They carried promises given to them by their God, but they also knew they would not live to see these prom- ises fulfilled. They led from faith, not hope, from a relationship with something greater beyond their comprehension." Dare to be Different If we are to become the visionary leaders of our own journeys, then we might be wise to follow Wheatley's advice and abandon our attachment to specific desired outcomes and our desperate need for certainty in exchange for curiosity and engagement in meaningful relationships. To be centered and fully pres- ent no matter what is happening around us, free from fear or ex- pectation, might just be the trick, because surf 's up! Go With the Flow co-columnist Dr. Jeff Thoren is vice president of VetPartners and founder of Gifted Leaders, a Phoenix company offering leadership and coaching services. Co-columnist Trey Cutler is a San Luis Obispo, California, attorney specializing in veterinary business matters. Develop the mastery needed to move your practice forward with hands-on, in-depth training at the NAVC Institute. MAY 20-25, 2018 • ORLANDO, FLORIDA REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN • ABVP Examination Preparation • Applied Behavioral Medicine • Deciphering Diagnostics • Feline Medicine • Practical Dentistry: Sink Your Teeth Into It! • Practical Orthopedic Surgical Techniques • Practical Techniques in Soft Tissue Surgery • Small Animal Ultrasound (Group 1 & 2) 2018 COURSES Register now at NAVC.COM / Institute . INSTITUTE 2018 NAVC

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