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DEC-JAN 2017

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Are you limiting your clinic's potential? Expanding your product mix can help clients, their pets and your business. Seresto® at a Glance 3 Patented technology provides 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection for dogs or cats 3 Kills through contact: fleas and ticks don't need to bite to die 3 No more forgetting to apply or stretching monthly topical/ oral treatments 3 Easy to use, non-greasy and odorless Fighting fleas and ticks has always been a priority for dog and cat owners. Traditionally, oral and topical products have dominated the marketplace. But now consumers are increasingly aware of the Seresto® flea and tick collar as an effective, easy-to-use alternative form. Since Seresto® entered the market, collar purchases are trending up among dog owners.¹ In fact, not only are dog owners increasingly choosing this alternative option – Seresto® provides the performance veterinarians expect in an easy-to-use, non-greasy form. Clinics that add Seresto® collars to their mix of orals and topicals have a new opportunity to satisfy clients and generate new users. A recent study showed that many Seresto® purchasers are new users who weren't using any flea/tick products previously: 2 Exploring your potential is easy. Stocking orals and topicals will continue to be important. If you offer at least 3 forms of antibiotics (orals, topicals and injectables) to fight infections, why stop at offering only two forms to fight fleas & ticks? Add Seresto® to your product mix to help satisfy more types of clients and stay on the cutting edge of today's market trends. Contact your Bayer sales representative or authorized Bayer distributor to learn more. 1,2 Data on file. Bayer, Shawnee Mission, KS. ©2017 Bayer, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201 Bayer and Seresto are registered trademarks of Bayer. S172234 In most cases, pet owners seek further information before buying. And in today's marketplace, veterinarians (and their staff ) are the number one source for delivering the flea and tick information that triggers the final purchase decision. 2 Once pet owners are introduced to the advantages of Seresto®, including the value and convenience it provides, the decision to purchase is often made quickly. In a 2016 study, 28% of dog and cat owners purchased the same day that they were introduced to Seresto®. 2 So it makes good sense to make sure your clinic has Seresto® on hand. When vets recommend, clients respond. Dog Owners No preceding usage 29% Cat Owners No preceding usage 41% Base – USA: dog owners n=148; cat owners n=95. Trends: Collars are a growing portion of flea and tick product purchases 1 2014 8% 2017 14% 54 Today's Veterinary Business Sponsored Sponsored Content from Bayer

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