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FEB 2018

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38 Today's Veterinary Business Communication I've noticed, however, after consulting with hundreds of veteri- nary practices and creating numer- ous case studies, one factor that brings more impact to marketing efforts of all types and across medi- ums. This is the power of narrative. Statistics Alone Won't Do It Narrative tells a story and tran- scends a simple statistic or generic marketing approach. If your social media channel or blog is peppered with statistics about, let's say peri- odontal disease, the information is unlikely to have the effect on pet owners that it's ultimately capable of. That is, of course, unless it's attached to the right narrative. Just seeing a statistic isn't going to make pet owners get up and call their veterinary practice to schedule the next appointment. But if that statistic is attached to a compelling and personalized narrative that elicits a strong emotional reaction, it's an entirely different story. The same thing is true for all types of issues on which we edu- cate pet owners. If you take to your practice's Facebook account and share the percentages of dogs and cats that get heartworms annually, the numbers might be interesting With so much access to technology, pet owners of all ages and backgrounds are presented with more marketing messages today than ever before. Whether these come as 30-second commercials playing before a You- Tube video, pop-up advertisements on a computer screen or traditional highway billboards, differentiating which messages truly matter and which are cookie-cutter promotions becomes increasingly difficult. Communication SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE By Eric D. Garcia Connect with clients through stories Compelling and personalized narratives of positive or negative outcomes can serve as calls to action for pet owners.

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