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APR 2018

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24 Today's Veterinary Business Business Business CLIENTELE Today, the cartoon reflects many U.S. households in which both species happily co-exist while battling for the attention of their owners. However, unlike "CatDog," who had to go everywhere togeth- er because of their inseparability, combined pet households are much more likely to seek ongoing veterinary care for a dog member while the cat plays poor stepchild and stays home. A Little Background The numbers below, sourced from the American Pet Products Associa- tion's 2017-2018 Pet Ownership Sur- vey, are relevant to this discussion. • 68 percent of U.S. households, or 85 million families, own a pet. • 60.2 million households have dogs and 47.1 million have cats. • 94.2 million cats are owned, compared with 89.7 million dogs. • The average number of visits to the vet per year: 2.7 for dogs and 2.2 for cats. • 46 percent of pet-owning households have multiple types of pets. • 32 percent of pet owners have a combination of dogs and cats. Take a look at the last statistic. One-third of your clients have at least one cat and one dog. We know from all the statistics published by the Catalyst Council The animated television series "CatDog" was released in 1998 on Nickelodeon. If you never saw it, envision a species that is one-half smart, cunning cat and one-half happy-go-lucky dog. • The average household owns 1.5 dogs. • The average household owns 2.0 cats. • $69.4 billion dollars was spent within the U.S. pet industry. • $16.62 billion was spent on veterinary care. • The average spend on routine veterinary care was $257 for dogs and $182 for cats. By Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA Asking dog owners about any cats at home — forgotten felines number in the millions — promotes animal health and can help fill a practice's appointment slots. missing link The

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