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APR 2018

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State the Solution While Spot will have this condition for the rest of his life, we can treat the pain. With his pain under control, Spot will be much more comfortable. He should be more willing to take walks, play, and will likely act more like his old self again. Make Your Recommendation Ms. Jones, I am going to send Spot home with METACAM to manage the pain associated with his osteoarthritis. We will start Spot at the label‑ recommended dose, see how he responds, and then work together to ensure his dose is at the lowest effective level. Do you have any questions? Start an Effective Team‑to‑Pet Owner Conversation Ms. Jones, after examining Spot, I believe the reason he has been slowing down and seems reluctant to go on walks is because he has osteoarthritis. METACAM is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, licensed to Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. © 2017 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. PET-0339-META0717 17574 Exclusive resources and support from a company that cares. With Boehringer Ingelheim, happily ever after is easier than ever. • Veterinary Technical Services hotline. Available 24/7 and offering over 20 years of experience supporting METACAM in 30 countries. 2 • Educational resources. Geared toward clinic staff and dog owners to make incorporating METACAM into your protocol as easy as possible. METACAM (meloxicam oral suspension) provides more options for more individualized treatment. Body weight Concentration Bottle size Dosing increments Up to 20 lb 0.5 mg/mL 15 mL, 30 mL 1-lb increments 20 lb or over 1.5 mg/mL 10 mL, 32 mL, 100 mL, 180 mL 5-lb increments And Boehringer Ingelheim offers the flexibility and support you need to provide relief for dogs of any size, especially small dogs. References: 1. Veterinary non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). US Food and Drug Administration website: SafetyHealth/ProductSafetyInformation/ucm055434.htm. Updated May 4, 2016. Accessed February 1, 2017. 2. Data on file. Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (meloxica m ) IT'S THE YEAR OF THE SMALL DOG! PRACTICAL EDUCATIONAL TOOLS FOR VETERINARY PRACTICES Features, Functions and Benefits on the front page provide quick reference for veterinarians, nurses and front desk personnel. Important product information ensures members of the practice staff understand claims, mode of action and/or administration. Printed on thick paper and perforated for easy tear-out and sharing. Easy-to-remember dialogue suggestions on the back page encourage consistency in how the team talks about these products to pet owners, so the pet owner understands and feels comfortable with your recommendation. SMALL DOGS ROCK! Features Functions Benefits Subcutaneous and intravenous administration of METACAM (meloxicam) Solution for Injection An initial injection at your clinic can provide a rapid and visible onset of pain relief via subcutaneous or intravenous administration Shows owners the benefits firsthand, which helps increase compliance Liquid formulation of METACAM (meloxicam oral suspension) Can be dosed in 1-lb and 5-lb increments Allows for precise dosing for any-sized dog Titration of METACAM (meloxicam oral suspension) to lowest effective dose Follows the recommendations set forth by the FDA 1 Extends the duration of the bottle to increase convenience and decrease cost METACAM CELEBRATES METACAM helps you administer just the right dose for each dog's individual needs. METACAM keeps them moving by managing canine osteoarthritis pain with precision dosing that's just right for them. (And, of course, it's perfect for big dogs, too.) (meloxica m ) IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION for METACAM (meloxicam oral suspension) and METACAM (meloxicam) Solution for Injection: METACAM (meloxicam oral suspension) is for use in dogs only. Repeated use of meloxicam in cats has been associated with acute renal failure and death. Do not administer additional injectable or oral meloxicam to cats. As a class, cyclo- oxygenase inhibitory NSAIDs may be associated with gastrointestinal, kidney, or liver side effects. The most common side effects reported in field studies were vomiting and soft stool/ diarrhea. These are usually mild, but may be serious. If side effects occur, dog owners should halt therapy and contact their veterinarian. Dogs should be evaluated for pre-existing conditions and currently prescribed medications prior to treatment with METACAM, then monitored regularly while on therapy. Concurrent use with another NSAID, corticosteroid, or nephrotoxic medication should be avoided or monitored closely. Please refer to the package insert for complete product information or visit www. metacam. com. Please see Brief Summary on page 34. SoundBytes help your entire team stay informed about products you carry and are designed to support pet owner compliance. • SoundBtyes focus on the features and benefits of a certain product or product line. • Each issue of Today's Veterinary Business includes SoundBytes. • They can easily tear out for posting in the backroom and sharing with your team. • To print out more copies as needed, go to resources/soundbyte

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