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APR 2018

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grade-school Valentine's cards. On 10 percent of the cards, a prize was noted — everything from a free cup of coffee or a movie ticket to a restaurant or carwash certificate. A team member who took time to educate a client about the focused product was allowed to draw a valentine out of the bowl and see if it was a winner. If the client educa- tion led to better compliance be- cause the product was purchased, two valentine cards were selected. The approach might seem a bit childish, but during all of February we saw a complete behavior shift in staff members as they became proactive about helping with product recommendations. The incentives became a watercooler discussion each day about who won what. Our goal of developing and reinforcing new habits was accomplished, and the behaviors continued beyond February. Another time, we did some- thing similar for an entire quarter. The focus was on parasite preven- tion and the theme was Willy Won- ka and the golden ticket. Like with the Valentine's promotion, a staff member could select a small candy bar when a product recommenda- tion was completed and two bars when compliance was gained. This time, the candy bar was opened in search of a golden ticket tied to a prize. The breakroom donned pictures of Charlie, Veruca, Violet, Augustus and, of course, Mr. Wonka. Sometimes we need a little silliness in a world filled with stress and demands. Share the Fun With Clients The fun can extend to pet owners, too. When they understand the benefits and value of a product and agree to purchase it, we can reward them. Create a promotion you think will excite your clients. It could be the chance to enter a raffle for additional product, or a small donation in their pet's name to your clinic's favorite non-profit group, or a small value-added item. Talk to your manufacturing representatives. They would love to partner on something fun. The idea is not to be gimmicky. We are not trying to persuade a client to pur- chase a certain product because of the "chance to win." We simply want to acknowledge that they are doing something wonderful for their pet and we want to reinforce the positive decisions they make. Last holiday season, we cele- brated the 12 days of Christmas by offering 12 percent off a selected product each day. We brought in a stuffed Snoopy wearing a stylish Santa hat. On each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas, Snoopy would sit on a selected product to signal what was 12 percent off that day. Photos were shared on the clinic's social media accounts each day to identify the focused product. It was fun to see clients come in to buy the "Snoopy Santa Special." At the end of the day, product sales are all about our attitude. We carry and recommend specific products that will lengthen and better the lives of our furry friends. Compliance does not come without education. All the pretty packaging and colorful brochures won't get a client to say "yes." Confi- dent and consistent education and demonstrations by your staff each week, each day, and during each visit will achieve compliance. Make the process fun, and in doing so reap the rewards of simultaneous growth and success. Selling Points columnist Brian Conrad is practice manager at Meadow Hills Veterinary Centers in Kennewick, Washington, and immediate past president of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association. • Train Your Staff • Host a Lunch & Learn • Recommend Courses • Research Tough Cases WORK HOME • Get CE on the Go! • Learn Your Way: Watch, Read or Listen • Find Your Center with our Wellbeing Resource Center Off the Clock: On the Clock: • Build Your Resume with Certificate Courses • Explore our Surgery Video Library • Hone Your Passion with our Forensics and Specialty Courses • Stay Informed on Changes in the Profession with our Telehealth Resources See how VetFolio can work on your time! Individual and practice subscriptions are available at V E T F O L I O W O R K S F O R Y O U W H E R E V E R Y O U A R E

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