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JUN 2018

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SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you or your clients feel that Simparica (sarolaner) isn't providing sufficient tick and flea protection or if your client suspects that the dog may have Lyme disease, they can call our medical support team to discuss the Simparica Satisfaction Guarantee. Zoetis will work with them to ensure they are satisfied with the performance of Simparica, or refund the cost of the product. >88.1-132.0 lb >44.1-88.0 lb >22.1-44.0 lb >11.1-22.0 lb >5.6-11.0 lb 2.8-5.5 lb BODY WEIGHT DOSE: TABLET FOR EACH BODY WEIGHT CATEGORY 1 • The Simparica Satisfaction Guarantee is available to any veterinarian or pet owner who has purchased Simparica from a veterinarian or via a veterinarian's prescription from a Zoetis-approved online distributor. TICK COVERAGE FLEA COVERAGE LYME COVERAGE * Zoetis will cover reasonable diagnostic and treatment cost for suspected cases of canine Lyme Disease, for qualified patients. For more details, contact Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support at 1-888-Zoetis1 A SIZE FOR EVERY DOG BREED From pocket pet to mastiff, Simparica has a size for all patients, starting with dogs as small as 2.8 lbs. State the Solution Simparica provides premium monthly tick and flea protection without the premium price tag that also gives wiggle room at the end of the month. Make Your Recommendation Ms. Jones, I believe Simparica will provide the tick and flea protection Spot needs but at a lower price than other brands offering this kind of protection. Do you want to give it a try? If engaging in an initial discussion, start with: Ms. Jones, Spot, like all dogs, should be on year-round tick and flea protection. Start an Effective Team to Pet Owner Conversation

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