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JUN 2018

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Dechra Veterinary Products, 7015 College Blvd, Suite 525, Overland Park, KS 66211 866-933-2472 | State the Solution Redonyl Ultra Soft Chews provide a convenient, easy to administer, concentrated source of PEA to support skin health in dogs. Make Your Recommendation Ms. Jones, I believe Redonyl Ultra will be an important addition to managing Spot's skin health. It has a concentrated source of PEA and is easy to administer. Do you have any questions? If engaging in an initial diagnosis, start with: Ms. Jones, my exam revealed that Spot has seasonal allergies. Or, for a follow up visit, Ms. Jones, my exam revealed a need to modify Spot's treatment plan for seasonal allergies. Start an Effective Team-to-Pet Owner Conversation 1 Noli, C et al. Vet Dermatol. 2015;26(6):432-440. Concurrent use of Redonyl Ultra and topical therapies for the skin, including shampoos, mousse, conditioners, sprays and wipes, can help support the health of your canine patients' skin. For skin issues with wide ranging causes, a multi-modal approach is often recommended. Add Redonyl Ultra to your current dermatology protocol to see the benefits. In an 8-week study of 160 client-owned dogs, oral PEA-um was shown to be beneficial for skin health associated with seasonal allergies. 1

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