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JUN 2018

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35 June/July 2018 • TODAYSVETERINARYBUSINESS.COM Educate yourself and your team on the products you have chosen and how they can help patients. Once you're confident in the products, tell clients about them online and in your office. What's Next? Could pet nutraceuticals and supplements fit into the mix of products and services that veteri- nary practices offer clients? Major surgeries had taken place when the pet owners in the stories above heard about supplements from their veterinarians. Many other pets might be candidates for nutraceu- tical support, but are their owners hearing recommendations? Are pet nutraceuticals the next new thing? They could be. Demand is growing. To make a veterinary opportunity out of it will take a deliberate and organized approach: Assess the market size for your practice, research your client database and determine the percentage of older pets that might be at risk of arthritis or other conditions that could benefit from nutraceutical support. Informally survey clients and veterinary team mem- Karyn Gavzer is a practice man- agement consultant specializing in marketing and training. Learn more at Here are important components to include in a veterinary practice market- ing plan for pet nutraceuticals: • Start in the exam room. Ask clients which supplements they give to their pets. Share examples, such as skin and coat enhancers, probiotics and joint support, to help clients understand the question. • Post information online and in your practice to help clients understand whether their pets are likely candidates for supplements. For instance, most arthritic pets, older dogs and cats, orthopedic surgery patients, and pets with coat or skin issues might benefit from nutraceutical support. • Tell clients that your veterinarians rec- ommend the products you carry. Doing that displays confidence in the products. • Put a prescription label on the product to brand it and to help clients give the correct dose. This also helps them remember to order a refill from you. • Price the products competitively. • Let clients know that they can get supplements at the practice or from your online pharmacy. 1 2 5 4 3 bers to see which nutraceutical supplements, like glucosamine, omega fatty acids and probiotics, they give pets. Source a limited number of products from reputable manufacturers to test the market. Business NUTRACEUTICALS HOW TO PROMOTE NUTRACEUTICALS

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