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JUN 2018

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38 Today's Veterinary Business Communication Veterinary professionals ask me all the time, "How can we get that ex- tra competitive edge and deliver the best service possible to pet owners?" While there isn't just one an- swer, there is a way to fundamen- tally examine the question itself. This will help you to decide how to gain the edge, based on your prac- tice's traits and characteristics. Surprisingly enough, the key lies in asking one more question: What will provide ultimate convenience and satisfaction to my clients? If you can consistently answer this question and cater to each client as if she were your only one, your practice can thrive in ways you may have once thought unimaginable. This may sound ex- cellent in theory, but how can you put it into practice? Warm Welcome I'm going to offer you one tech- nique — it leverages new but ubiq- uitous technology — for adding clients and helping your practice to become more accessible than ever before. What is it? The New Client Con- cierge, a powerful tool you might have heard of but probably never thought could be used at your veterinary practice. The point of this tool is to offer a direct point of contact for new clients and put a procedure in place that will ensure their initial interactions with your practice leave them with a glowing first impres- sion. This can help you to capture new leads, retain existing clients and gain a distinct competitive advan- tage in the market- place. The personal an- ecdote in all of this is that I discovered how profound the service is firsthand and, hilariously enough, by accident. Last year, I needed a new dentist and started searching. I submitted five online requests for a new den- tist and didn't receive a single reply. Was the dental indus- try more exclusive than I had thought? Would I have to network and send a cover letter? (Just kidding.) I was surprised, and I assumed that none of these local dentists needed my business. But still, I needed a dentist! I continued filling out online forms and searching for dentists who had the best reputations. (See my April/May 2018 article on the importance of online reputations. ) Hello There! Suddenly, and perhaps just in time, I received a text message from an un- familiar number. It was my New Cli- ent Concierge, appearing seemingly out of the blue. She mentioned that she had received my online query and that she was following up to introduce me to the practice. This point of contact gracefully ushered me through scheduling my appointment and instantly made me feel at home with the dentist about whom I had just inquired. I sent all my insurance infor- mation, provided a few additional details and voilà! I was so thrilled to finally find a new dentist that the implications of the New Client Concierge didn't hit me until a few days later. I realized that at least seven other dentists could have gained a potential life- long patient, but they didn't seize the chance. This hit home later, after the appointment had been scheduled, because they finally started to call. By then, however, I no longer had time for the calls and I no longer had a need to be filled. Veterinary practices of all types have more choices than ever when it comes to implementing technology solutions that are right for them. New apps and online services spring up each day. Finding the ones that are best for your practice can provide a huge competitive advantage. Communication SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE By Eric D. Garcia 'How may I assist you?' Use technology to make a quick first impression with potential clients and win them over. You can leverage technology to gain new clients, increase brand loyalty and show appreciation for those interested in your services. Continued on Page 40

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