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JUN 2018

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State the Solution "Probios Intelliflora contains 200 million "viable" colony forming units (CFU) of four strains of "good bacteria" to help maintain your pet's gut and immune system health. It can also help balance his or her tummy during stressful times, like traveling or boarding." Make Your Recommendation "I believe Probios Intelliflora can be an important tool for managing gut health for your pets. It can help you manage their gastrointestinal health and immune system function. Do you have any questions?" If engaging in an initial diagnosis, start with: "Ms. Jones, my exam revealed that your pet has irregular stools and frequently passes gas." Start an Effective Vet-to-Pet Owner Conversation Score a perfect 10 with Probios ® Intelliflora ® – A daily probiotic powder supplement designed to help support gastrointestinal health and normal immune system function in dogs and cats, as well as restore a balanced tummy during times like travel or boarding. Tell your pet parents to take the FREE Probios Intelliflora 10-Day Challenge. Not only will their dogs and cats benefit from healthier skin, a shinier coat, regular stools and balanced energy – but the pet parents will see the benefits, too! Eligible participants will receive: • A FREE 30-day supply of Probios Intelliflora • Entered to win one of 10 prizes of $100 How to enter the Probios Intelliflora 10-Day Challenge • Sign up by visiting • Use Probios Intelliflora every day for 10 days • Complete the email survey after the ten-day trial period • Be entered to win one of ten $100 prizes 10 prizes will be awarded! Probios ® 10-Day Challenge

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