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JUN 2018

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64 Today's Veterinary Business VetPartners Corner Recognize the Situation for What It Is: Reality This is not the time to ignore the fact that the market will be like this for some time. We have a shortage of veterinarians that is not going to end anytime soon. If you're a practice owner, recognizing the reality is the first step in successful- ly engaging top talent in a candi- date's market. Be Proactive With Hiring Instead of Reactive You can't wait for talent to come to you. In other words, qualified candidates are not going to flock to you just because you have an opening. In order to hire the candidates you want to hire, you must proactively search for them, identify them and persuade them to consider your employment op- portunity. They must be convinced that your opportunity is the best move for their career. Recognize That Time Is of the Essence Why is time so valuable during the hiring process? Because there's less of it if you want to hire qualified candidates for your open veterinary positions. Remember the example above? The candidate with two years' experience who received three offers? If you're considering a highly qualified candidate in the market- place, then it's almost a foregone conclusion that the person is inter- viewing with other organizations and will receive multiple offers. This means that if you drag your feet during the hiring process and don't act with urgency, you're going to miss out on top candidates. Make Compelling Employment Offers As we've seen, it doesn't matter if job candidates are new graduates. You can't lowball them on the offer. You can't think they're going to accept less than market value. They are not going to accept it. They have expectations, and if those expectations are unmet, they're not going to work for your veterinary practice and might end up at your competition. As you can see, there is a shortage of veterinarians. Not only that, but the shortage is going to last another 10 years at least. This is the time to acclimate to current market conditions, create a plan for navigating those conditions and execute the plan to the best of your ability. Because you know that's what your competition is going to do. VetPartners member Stacy Pursell is founder and CEO of The VET Recruiter. Founded in 2001, VetPartners is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping the veterinary profession improve practice management standards and elevate the levels of service, expertise, responsibility and professionalism provided by veteri- nary consultants, advisers and specialists. Learn more at VetPartners Corner Featured VetPartners Members The VetPartners mission is to provide a community of networking, collaboration and integrity to serve our members, for the good of the veterinary profession. • We serve the profession by helping practices achieve their maximum potential. • Our members hold themselves to a higher standard of service, ethics, expertise, responsibility and professionalism. • We collaborate to improve veterinary practice management standards. • We speak at veterinary practice management symposia and conferences across the country. Allyson Archambault Senior Account Executive 407-748-9810 To learn about advertising opportunities, contact: Relationships Matter A new approach in web design and marketing that is changing everything. (858) 405-4916 Educate, Communicate, and Optimize with LifeLearn. Explore our ECOsystem, which includes the WebDVM website platform and ClientEd library, our veterinary decision support tool – Sofie, and ALLYDVM's communications, retention, and reminder system. 1-800-375-7994 2 1 3 4 Want a successful website? Cheshire specializes in successful veterinary websites, marketing campaigns, social media, multimedia, logo design/ branding and community marketing. Call us for a free analysis. Free shipping with all websites. (Got your attention!) 773-478-0631 C heshire Partners Digital Marketing & Website Design The Animal Health and Veterinary Search and Recruitment Firm The VET Recruiter ® is an executive search and recruitment firm specializing in recruiting in the Animal Health, Animal Science and Veterinary Industries. Our mission is to help Animal Health companies and Veterinary businesses hire top talent to help their business growth and become more profitable, while also helping Animal Health and Veterinary professionals attain career-enhancing opportunities that allow them to achieve the quality of life they seek. Whether you need to hire one person or a team of people, or you're looking to make your next career move, no one can help you achieve your goals more quickly than The VET Recruiter ® . (918) 298-7025 We understand your focus is on keeping pets healthy! That's why we request medical records in less than 10% of claims and require no veterinary involvement in claims submission. Visit our Vet pages for more info. Get results. Tails through the door for over 20 years. Find out how you can increase your bottom line. Melissa Neff, Marketing and Sales Manager (877) 326-3236

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